Un Use Google Play Gift Card

How much is Google card?

The ongoing pace of Google Play gift vouchers in Nigeria is somewhere in the range of 440 and 460 naira for each dollar. The financial worth you receive as a trade-off for selling your Google Play gift voucher is reliant upon the exchanging stage. You likewise get various returns relying upon the division of the gift voucher.

Can I gift in Google Play?

Android. You can send gifts of Google Play credit through the Google Play Store application for eWallet: Open the Play Store app from the Google Play Store. Tap Menu and afterward “Send gift”

What’s Google Play gift card used for?

You can purchase applications, games, and books with a Google Play gift voucher. You can likewise pay for your memberships utilizing your equilibrium. On a computer or Android device, open the Play Store.

Can you send a Google Play gift card to another country?

Only the nation in which the gift card was purchased can use it. See the gift voucher Terms of Administration.”

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